Hmar Traditional Dress - Puonlaisen


Among the many traditional dresses of the Hmar tribe, one of the most common and famous shawl for a women it is. Well decorated and must have been one hell of a work in the weaving process. I was requested by a friend if i can make a digital for a project, so here i am with my finitus project. I spent few days working on it but it was worth it. After goin through several pieces and variation, i picked my choice and do the work. It reminded me of how tiresome it must have been in the past and how hard they strive to achieve such. Above all it inspire me of the creativity of our great grandmothers. I am grateful for this beautiful treasure along with the many. I  wish this generation keeps them safe with respect.
#if anyone wants the same without watermarks or by chance the .psd , you can mail me and i will be happy to share it with you.
Links : jpg without watermark .psd file

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