One Step Higher

for a friend-mz
  " Well, i don't know much to write but just wanted to add few lines.Firstly, i appreciate friends requesting me to make sketches out of their pictures. And thanks to all of you guys that as you can see today, i'm achieving something different unlike my previous try-outs. And as for those whose potraits i haven't, i do remember and it will be done soon :D As you look the above image, it is more realistic as i've started to excel in depths ( but just a scratch of it). 
  Secondly, Phew!, it took me the whole night (my night usually starts at 11/12, so no big deal), completed by 8 in the morning, which will not be the issue soon when i improve :D. For now il stick to it, saying" What can be more pleasing than doing whats fun :D?. As usual i uses round hard and soft brush, implemented with my bamboo tablet on Photoshop."

Thank You 


Sam Xote said...

You are becoming very thiem tal2 ok toya..(y)

Alan Famhoite said...

Ka lawm bek bek anih. Hi thlalak siem dingin ami la hei khawvar pek pap nawk nghal. A ropui kati taluo..

Immanuel L. Zote said...

Toia.. Thank you much..

Immanuel L. Zote said...

Kei khom ka lawm ae.. Khawvar kha chu ka khawvar zie hlak reng ani.. Inphalam na dng um naw reng reng..