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 I believe i have been away from blogging for quite sometime now. But hey, im back :D. I guess i am being lazy and was aswell enjoying my holidays. We had two weeks break on account of Diwali and it was worth it. During those breaks, I got this invitation from Brother Athui ( EndlessWorshipTeam ) requesting if i can in some way do a favour for the team in terms of designing. It was my pleasure and was much excited to do the same. Here are the designs i made for them T-shirt. It was a multi purpose design and i din't really know where and how they will use and it is upto them at the same time to use where they like to. And i heard that they will be using the back design in their upcoming Youth Camp at Hmarkhawlien from Dec 11-14 '14.Lets do pray for them aswell. I felt really good about this project for i know the purpose and motive of the team. They are awesome people doing their best in organizing worship services and sincere people in praising the almighty. I believe they will be blessed and a blessing for many in days to come. 
About the design, i had references from google ( music instruments ) and i used photoshop to work the same. Visit EndlessWorshipTeam & FinitusGraphe on Facebook. See you soon :)
 #EndlessWorshipTeam #FinitusGraphe

#EndlessWorshipTeam #FinitusGraphe

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