Digital Painting Me Gusta

On my journey as a Graphic Designer i have taken keen interest in Digital Painting and start walking the path that seems worthy. Not so new or uncommon for many it might be, but to me it is and i am having so much fun at the same time lots of hard work and toiling on the implementation part. Here i am to highlight how i started. And beforehand i would like to say it is real basic.

1. I uses existing images as reference.
2. I use two brushes ( Hard and soft round brushes).
3. Blending mode : For textures related art(eg. Necklace).
4. Color adjustment : To see variation and to choose my taste in output.
5. A pen tablet.
6. Adobe Photoshop.

First, trace out the outlines of the image with a brush on a new layer.  Make a new layer below the trace you made and start brushing the skin(start from the base skin). By picking different colors from the reference and by brushing out on a new layer( placed on top) will make it easy all the way. Go on brushing the skin and try not moving out of the outline sketches you made. Now we'll add mid tones for the skin (soft round brush will work out). Try switching the opacity and fill of the brushes to have a desirable look. Next, we’ll add highlight and shades( define a well light source). In my case, since i used an already existing image with defined light source, it is easy to decide by looking at the reference and implementing. Next up is working on the facial, eyes, nose lips. Check out tutorials and remember practice is all that matters. And so on, keep on working with the clothing with lighting and shading on them. Lets start concentrating on the hair, for this roughly brush out with a soft round brush a base color. And next mid tones with hard corner brush( make the brush small, the smaller the better and realistic). Some highlights at last. Now that your done, you might want to recheck the out lines you've created at first step and maybe rub out,or re sketch some(to make it look better). The later stage for this is changing the colors by changing vibrance, saturation,  contrast, etc., which you can so with separate layers or as one layer which you can do by merging layers.  Keep on looking for the right adjustment until you’re satisfied.

Thank you for reading my walk through. I don’t know if i’m much help in the process but feel free to ask me questions or give suggestions. I’m ready to develop and improve.

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