Justice For Nido

R.I.P Nido

Mother India, tell me what's going on.
The bloods flowing off my vein.
Can these be right?
One comes in and said, "oh boy! it's time to send you home".
and the next moment i'm on my way.
Maybe a few more years to Whazzup world !,
A few more rounds left for me and my buddies.
Can my hair color matter so much that i have to keep my life on the line for it?
Can or can not it point east, west, north or the south?
Does it ever occur to you that colors do not matter.
Are we less India for variation in our skin?
Above all are we all not human beings?
Capable to love and respect each other.
We all know so well that," One life is all we got".
From up here i shed my tears.
Along with my brothers long gone.
We pray for India.
For a brighter tomorrow.

R.I.P. Brother Nido Taniam
Peace be with the family and friends.


Anonymous said...

our NE people are seen as non indians . Although we are recognised by indian government but other states don't see us as one among them.

RIP Brother

Anonymous said...

ziek tha ie! (y)

Immanuel L. Zote said...

Ka lawm ae! ka sip liem threta an lang lang ka ziek el ani.