Dreaming Of you, My Valentine

Dreaming of you, My Valentine by Immanuel L. Zote

Ten years or more from now,
I might depart for i do not know,
Neither do you.
Might i live to meet my soul mate, my valentine?
As for the moment blurred and indistinct, still you are.
Fervently and twitchy my life is spinning as such.
Yet i know you be the best gift of life,
You’d be the sweetest woman I know.
A loving mama, for our adoring children to be.
A fool i would be not to be thankful,
For each day of those lives i look upon.
Sometimes i imagine knowing you, maybe we’ve met i ought to recall.
But some are the times you are more unfamiliar to me.
I will love you so dearly, it’s true and i will be loved i dream.
Until that moment i will keep on dreaming,
Hoping to get a hold of you, on that very fine day i believe exist.
Till then my valentine, i wish you the best of your life.
When we thus meet it will thus be, grand.
As for now I’ll dream,
Dreaming of you, my valentine.

February 14'14
Immanuel L. Zote


Anonymous said...

Good read!!! It seems you have mastered free verse poetry...keep it up!!! :)

Immanuel L. Zote said...

Thank you bhaia for visiting my blog :) i'll do try and keep up .