Baby Smile Illustration

Abstract Illustration- Baby Smile, with no regrets. Your smile some live for.

Quite long since the last update, anyhow today i am here posting an abstract concept.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator - making the shapes, curves (circles and rectangles)
Adobe Photoshop: giving colors and simply i prefer getting output from here.

The project is really fun to work with. At first i was a bit frustrated as things were tiny and confusing. But it goes on and yay !  It’s done. At college i was advice to work with my line quality and pressure control by my teacher during our Fundamental Class. So i start making strokes in various directions. I keep on doing the same and after sometime a thought come to me with a graphics visual with this kind of strokes and so i started making out on the paper and hence i started working it out in Photoshop at home. I decided the best way i can get multiple strokes is Ai. i use circles mostly, where i strike out which are unnecessary using Divide tool. So on, i started giving fill colors but I was not satisfied with the output i get from Ai and the next day which is today i export each layer and import them in Ps where i get what i wanted with the background i made using downloaded custom free brush. Also i made changes to some layers where i duplicate and reuse them in different position. And also i use the pen tool in Ps too like in when i decided the mouth to be curvy (previous idea was a rectangle) and many more.
I guess i have written quite a lot including unnecessary lines. I know. I just couldn't explain it much clearer, i guess it’s because it’s really simple.


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