Happy Birthday to Me

     "God with us, God with me"

     Well, I can hardly remember birthday dates, not to mention dad’s birth date, friend birthday’s, and even birth dates of a girlfriend (yes the consequences used to be unbearable). Yet, lucky I do remember it’s my birthday today. I thank the Almighty for the great things he had done for me and which continues even at this very moment. Birthday’s come and goes as year keeps on passing, can you believe? Its 2014! But in the corner of my heart I always look back and picture what it would be like when I was born, who were there, the face on my mom and dad, what was the atmosphere, were they excited and so on. After that how my birthday was when I grew up to 3 or 4. One thing I know for sure among all of these, this world awaits me with everything he had to offer,” Good days and never ending bad days”. For some and for most of all, childhood’s memory must be a fond memory we cherish. Vague it may be but for sure we are in good hands, a mother’s love. I wonder what it would be like; does anyone remember what it was like? Because I wanted to share your feelings, be an infant of a 3 or 4 years old again. All I could remember was grandma Hmangnu, holding my granny’s hand and tag along her wherever she goes. I missed her so much. God rest her soul.
     If anyone could ever feel lucky and blessed, that should be me! Look at me today. Of course I faced the ups, the downs but I always had someone picking me up. God works in mysterious ways, ways you never picture it is possible. Arrangements and placing you always look back to that day and say, O God! You know what’s best for me.
     Today on my 23’rd Birthday, I say thank you mom Mary for having me into this world, wherever you are you’re my mom and I love you. Thank you Dad for raising me up and supporting me to be at least someone who I am today, I am grateful I am your son. Thank you mom Kim, rest in peace as I keep my promise and your teachings with me. Lastly and not the least, the biggest of my thanks to mom Fim, you are a true asset in our life, we love you and grateful for the sacrifice and love. May God bless mom and dad.

     “Happy Birthday to me and Thank you to all my fine wishers”


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ngo.. Never knew you have a blog.. So sorry.. Will include you on the next update of Ruonglevaisuo Hmar Bloggers

Enjoy :)

Immanuel L. Zote said...

ngopu ka lawm eh :)