Finitus Graphe Logo Introduction

Adobe Photoshop has so many thing to offer and i'm amazed :D :
As you can see this introductory Logo video i made is possible through Photoshop. Animation is possible and you can work with as many layers as you want( some restrictions might as well be, but that we'll have to check). You can animate the .png Logo or any selections you wanted to, like i did in the video, add sounds(multiple sounds), some transition effects(about 5 if i'm not wrong), but the best thing is you can apply the effects(ready made) and filters provided in Photoshop to your animation. That is so cool, and moreover the output, you can expect the best and rich quality like those of high .jpg, .bmp formats in .mp4(with the resolution and maths you can set on your own choice) format.And here you can work frame by frame. 
If you have any query please do post your query or contact me. I'l be happy to help out in any way i can.
Thank you #AdobePhotoshopCs6 

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