Regret's Of The Young

So it was, gone were the days.
“The young and the spontaneous”
A bizarre stage with fine illusions.
Tossed up and down with glimpse of forged happiness;
Enriched with glares of false dawn.
Few ought to notice fate in its state,
The bold and the confused being we chose to be.
That instant of the young, o that instant.
Can the clock ever be blemish?
It tiks and toks, so was young?
Tik toks, not tiks.
The art of regret,
“Haunting nightmares, take a break!”
“Come morning light”, regret begs for.
In them midst, I was there.
"Striving to reach you,dear", He says.
Lenient I chose to be,
All along I shone with radiant glow.
The young, look at the sky
Sing Me a blissful song.
Company I promise you,
Throughout the night.
20 September '13

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