Everything's gona be Okay !

Riryn Digital - mzote

Firstly, I would like to introduce the fonts i used in this art.
Signarita ZhaiLeftheriaConstruthinvianDenseVodka

And secondly into the sketching. The textures appearing here are obtained by applying filters as follow:
Inner t-shirt- FG -sponge
Top shirt- FG-rough pastel
Pants- FG-Film grain
Skin- add noise(very small amount)

Today in my post, I've attached the .psd file (download) in case it might be useful to anyone in any possible way.Here, you will be able to see the layers i worked on. 
The steps used in this project is as usual, firstly making an outline sketch from reference if available, round brush -hard and soft, dragging the opacity and flow when necessary, multiple layers for each and so on.

In the art is a composition of few lines dedicated to whoever feel lost, beaten, weak and down. It goes like this,

The world goes on, Time goes by, People come and goGood days versus bad days. In the end nothing really matter. The only thing that matter, How you deal with what matters. EVERYTHING'S GONA BE ALRIGHT.Why the earth goes round and round ?, Trying hard to kick your butt, don't let it happen. HAVE FAITH.

I'm grateful i can make this work and post it though i'm quite unwell.It is the love of art which is driving me around i believe. And also Riryn, tq for the photo that i could work on.

Thank you readers !

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