Infography - A Graphic Designers Pipeline

Infography on a GraphicDesigner Pipeline
Oh well, here is my first Infographic Creation on the topic " Pipeline for a Graphic Designer". It is an assignment given to us. I give my thank's to Ratan Sir for this, as it help me in discovering so many new stuffs. It took me 2 nights to complete the designing. Long back i did my research on the steps which i can compromise and use. Finally found a perfect reference here. The next step here was the elements i am to used in representing the flow. I tried my best to do it on my own, meaning not to depend on easily available download icons. As we know there are more than enough icons and graphics available for use. I look for it though, since shapes were quite limited in Adobe Photoshop. The beautiful box on top containing heading Infography and at the bottom, that small box containing APPROVED are downloaded ( medialoot and pixedon ) and used. I claim no credits for those two. The rest are all customize and made in photoshop, plus the custom shape available in it are quite handy here. As this is my first creation it made me so happy, though it contain so many imperfections :D 

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